About me

I take great pride in my professionalism, my ethics and the empowerment I draw from my work. While I thrive in my primary career and that my relationships with my friends & family brings me growth, having stimulating encounters is my passion, as well as new experiences and exploring the entire world.

During dates, staying true to myself is a priority. Sensible and spontaneous, feeling comfortable by my side will come naturally to you. I do my best to create a relaxing, safe atmosphere where you will be able to explore your wants and needs with me.

I like courteous, respectful individuals with who I can have pleasant conversations, and as such I am selective with my future play partners. I handpick my lovers (alternative: paramours) due to a well­established busy schedule, thus I expect of you an impeccable hygiene as well as responsible practices respectful of our mutual limits.

I wish to see you on a regular basis to make each and every embraces more memorable than the last.

While I thoroughly enjoy carnal pleasures, I do not preclude seduction, discussions and tenderness. During dates, staying true to myself, warmth and friendliness are values I hold dear.